In Fireside Chat No. 7, Lacy Frazer and Marie Mohler discuss the Journey of Personal Transformation itself. They have planted essential seeds in these monthly conversations, that introduce the Ego and the Conditioned Self, the Clever Ego’s Armor, and the Essential Nature of Self Awareness in the Journey of Personal Growth and Transformation. And now it is time to delve a little deeper into these journeys that we all make at some point in our evolutions . . . to grow, to release that which doesn’t serve our higher good, and to rise into a more self-aware, authentic, and whole version of who we really are. In this conversation, Marie and Lacy lay another stone for our pathways of transformation . . . that make the “steps in the fog” of this growth process a little clearer . . . a little more visible . . . a little more accessible . . . for all of our listeners here at Whole Soul School and Foundation. So if you joined us early on, or if you are just discovering our offerings here, know that we are releasing these videos and podcasts to help support and inspire people who are ready for change or for something different in their life that brings a greater sense of meaning, peace, light, and inspiration in some way. That is the purpose and mission of Whole Soul School and Foundation, and we thank you for you joining us in the journey to make it a part of your own!

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