Peace On Earth, Good Will To All
by Renée Taintor

Because we are in the Christmas Season, let’s pause from our normal discussions and enter into a space that honors this special time of year.  No matter what’s going on in your life, this is a good time to give yourself quiet time to be still and listen to yourself and the Spirit that resides inside of you.

December 2021 ~ Renee Taintor ~ Peace On EarthThere is no doubt that our world is undergoing changes in just about every aspect of life.  This is true on an individual basis and on a collective level.  When global lockdowns happened, it forced people to examine things that there wasn’t time for before.  The distractions of daily living and stress kept people in the ever-present loop of navigating their task-filled lives.  Now all of a sudden, things that you didn’t have time to think about were suddenly in your face, demanding attention and introspection, examination and perhaps transformation.

With the world looking and feeling different, and normal ways of doing things taking on different expectations and demands, priorities have changed.  Lifestyles have changed.  The people in your life may have changed.  Division over the narratives about these changes have caused people and families to change. We have lost loved ones. It is an understatement to say that our beautiful planet is in a state of chaos, challenge, and strain on levels previously unimaginable.

Is that a bad thing?  It depends on how you interpret the things going on around you and inside of you.  We talked before about being a conscious creator versus a reactive creator.  It seems that we are now having to exercise different parts of our selves and our consciousness to navigate our inner lives and outer lives.  What does this mean about us?  And what does this mean about our world?

All of these things are indicating that we are all shifting into higher ways of being.  If you have trust and faith that all things work together for good, then that mindset allows the flow of the Divine to guide your life.  The answers you seek come from inside you.

The Season of Christmas brings the significance and memory of a new beginning of humanity that emerged with the birth of One who would create a revolution in how we see ourselves, our God and our world.  Yeshua, Jesus, the Son of God came to model a higher way of honoring the very fact that we have life.  And to reveal the Truth about who we are and who God is.  He came to reveal that we have more value than we think and that we are loved and treasured by our Creator.

Whatever your beliefs and practices might be, one thing is unchanged:  The wisdom, light, love and guidance comes from within you by the very nature of how we were created.  Whatever is going on in your inner life and outer life, know and trust that the One who gave you life is also there in ever-present, ever-ready counsel.  All you have to do is connect to your heart and ask for help.  Nothing less than the God and Creator of all Life, and His Son, who came to teach us about the Laws of the Universe, are a breath away.

December 2021 ~ Renee Taintor ~ Peace On EarthWhether you find yourself alone or with family and friends during this special season, find gratitude for things in your life. The vibration of gratitude is in resonance with the Divine Love and Light of God.

May the Light in this world show you how special and wonderful you are, as all are.  May you find special moments during this particularly different Christmas Season in 2021 to celebrate who you are and what you’re about.  May you find friends, family, or acquaintances to connect with that bring you the simple joy of being able to connect with someone.  Be the first to open and connect with people when you encounter them and you will discover how warm and loving people are.  We have a world filled with wonderful and amazing people who live from their hearts.  Open your heart and you’ll find them everywhere.   

December 2021 ~ Renee Taintor ~ Peace On Earth Peace on Earth ~ Good Will to All.