Change & Perception
June 2021 ~ WSSF Newsletter

Greetings and June Blessings to you!

The summer is heating up here in the Northern Hemisphere, and once again we are called to take a deeper look through evolving and improving lenses . . . at the Process of Change, Transformation, and Becoming More of Who We Truly Are Meant To Be.

This month we are blessed with a wonderful new writer for Whole Soul School and Foundation, Renee Taintor.  She writes with clarity, authenticity, and eloquence about the dance of change and the shifts in perception that we all go through in the various stages and chapters of The Rising Hero’s Journey.

whole soul school and foundation ~ leonardo da vinci ~ perceptionsChange is a defining characteristic in the Rising Hero’s Journey.  The above quote from Wayne Dyer is a favorite among people who have experienced the truth of this statement.  Can it be that a change in perception can change the very thing you are seeing and experiencing?  Yes, my friend, it is true but not always easy.

We’re all familiar with change.  It’s been a constant in all of our lives.  Small changes require us to be aware of them and simply integrate them into our lives, as in finding a detour on the road.  Sometimes change requires our full attention because we find ourselves in new territory, often facing the unknown.

The kind of change that occurs in the Rising Hero’s Journey calls you away from your everyday life and summons you into the “unknown” with courage that you may not have called upon yet.  Here you find yourself, not entirely sure why you’re here but with an underlying distant confidence calling to you that you want to trust but . . .?  Where will it lead? . . .

It’s not easy to go against your current perceptions and seek the truth you need to visit in order to find yourself.  Now you are absolutely in new territory.  You can’t go back because that door is closed.  The only place to go is deep inside of you, in your mind, in your heart, and seek the God inside of you even if you are unaware of It’s Presence.  That Presence is what’s leading you into a new awareness of yourself, . . . who you are, what you are about, and what matters to you.

This new and different awareness of you and your life will change how you see the things that come your way and thus how you interpret and respond to things.  You become more Conscious and Aware.  You show up in your life in ways that you were unaware of before. And it becomes increasingly important to you to check in with yourself so that you can be more fully present in your life.

We are very grateful for Renee’s ability to capture and convey many of the energies, feelings, and faith that people experience, face, and journey . . . en route to living and discovering their more authentic self and the embodiment of their rising present-moment awareness and emerging empowerment in daily life.  To read Renee Taintor’s full article on Change & Perception (June 2021), please click here.

Thank you for spending time with Whole Soul School and Foundation, our insights, and our offerings.  And thank you for supporting our mission of increasing self awareness, personal empowerment, conscious communication, transformation, and freedom in people worldwide through Good Vibes Broadcasting and Consciousness Teachings.

whole soul school and foundation ~ sunrise quote about change and perceptionChange is on the horizon for all of us in these times.  And change is happening within us as well.  It is our joy to share with you some of the lessons gleaned in our journeys, and the ways that human beings continue to live the greatest adventure of all time . . . Being The Rising AND Risen Heroes of our Lives.

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