WSSF Co-Founder Marie Mohler and Earthkeeper Selina Mu continue the “Ancient Voices for the New Earth” podcast series in this 4th episode and conversation in that series. In this podcast, Selina Mu shares with great authenticity and grace . . . how she initially connected with the Earth Mother as a child . . . how she journeyed into separation consciousness for a time . . . and how she found her way back to re-union and reconnection with Mother Earth when it was time to come Home inside herself. Selina describes how we can all return to this Sacred Connection with the Earth Mother, and how nature is one of the wonderful ways offered to each of us to reconnect with our Heart Centers and our Beloved Mother Earth ~ who loves us and welcomes our conscious return and reunion with her. Nature is all around us. Nature is here to support us. And Nature is . . . our family. For anyone struggling presently in their life and desiring to come into greater wholeness, higher awareness, gentle healing, or simply a sense of belonging and reconnection with goodness again, this podcast is for you!

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